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THE most economical copying & printing on Campus.

ONLY 7¢ a copy in Self Serve, or let us do the copying for you.

Self-Serve Copying

  Self-Serve Copying

Zap Copy offers 7¢ self-serve B&W copying to students and faculty of the University of Victoria and the general public. Self-serve copying is quick, easy, economical and priced for students. Colour copying is 40¢ in self-serve.
There are several machines for use in the Self-serve area. These include Kyocera black and white copiers and a Xerox color copier, all of which have double-siding options, feeders to copy documents automatically and     collating features. All copiers offer Letter (8.5×11), Legal (8.5×14) and Ledger (11×17).

The self-serve copiers require a Zap Copy Card. If you would not like to purchase a card, because you only have a few copies to make, you may ask someone at the counter to do your copies for you.

Self-Serve Printing

Self-Serve Printing

Zap Copy also has a large amount of computer workstations for you to access, that require a Zap Copy Card to print your black & white or color documents from. We have PC’s that operate with Microsoft Windows and we have Mac’s that operate with Pages and Microsoft Windows, while some computers also operate with Open Office, all of which you can access the internet from. All of the Mac computers have USB ports, so you can access your files from your USB as well. We do ask that priority of use is given to those who need to print. Colour printing is 40¢ in self-serve.

The self-serve computers are ONLY open during regular Full Serve business hours.

ZAP Copy Cards


$1.00 COST + your desired amount for printing.

In order to use the self-serve machines at Zap Copy, you need to purchase a Zap Copy Card.

Whenever you run out of money on your card, you may have more added. Simply ask a Zap employee. Please note that money can only be added to cards during business hours, and there is a $1.00 minimum each time you add money.

Purchase a card for a one-dollar!

Please be aware that you cannot use your Zap Copy Card at any other locations other than Zap Copy. Alternatively, UVic Library copy cards and UVic Computing Services printing cards cannot be used at Zap.



Zap offers a wide range of copying and printing services. Every order is unique, so Zap strives to offer as many options as possible. These include black & white copying, color copying, transparencies, labels, booklet printing, image editing and banner printing.

The time it takes to complete a copy order differs from order to order, so a Zap employee will estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the order. Please be aware that Zap Copy is very busy at times, so if you have a large or important order, please submit it early.

Black & White Copying


Zap offers high-quality black & white copying. Our full-serve digital copiers are fast and accurate.

Black & white copying is ideal for reports, theses, resumes, notes, essays and other text documents.

We have a wide variety of paper to choose from, including pastel paper, bright paper, textured paper, thesis paper, glossy brochure paper and colored card stock. Most of our paper comes in several sizes, such as Letter (8.5×11), Legal (8.5×14), and Ledger (11×17). We also have white paper and cardtsock in 12×18 for those slightly larger copies.

In addition to regular copying, we offer collating, stapling, scoring and folding services to further enhance your document.

Color Copying


Zap offers high-resolution, photo-realistic color copying. This service is ideal for reproducing photographs, colored graphs, graphics, color transparencies and maps.

Zap uses high-quality, 24lb laser paper and laser card stock. Both the regular paper and the card stock are available in Letter (8.5×11), Legal (8.5×14), Ledger (11×17), and 12×18.