Sending A Fax

Sending a fax at Zap is very simple. First, fill out a Zap Fax Form. These are available on the front counter at Zap. The form requires the name of the person or organization that the fax is being sent to, the fax number, your name, your phone number and any other relevant comments. Please ensure that the entire form is filled out before you ask to have the fax sent for you.

The time it takes to send a fax varies greatly. Most only take a few minutes; however, some destinations may have a busy fax machine. If this occurs, Zap will continue sending your fax until it goes through (max 3 times).

Sent faxes are kept for 7 days. Zap Fax number: 250-721-8728

Receiving A Fax

In order to receive a fax at Zap, give the sender our fax number and ask them to clearly indicate your name on the first page of the fax.

Zap will store your fax for approximately one month, or until you come to pick it up. Simply come to the counter and let us know that you are picking up your fax.

Received faxes are kept for 30 days. Zap Fax Number: 250-721-8728