Other Services

Poster Run Service


UVSS Graphics has a poster run service for in the SUB & all over campus – $25. Need them printed? ZAP is offering a collaborative service with UVSS Graphics.


Mugs & Aluminum Water Bottle

Need a great gift idea? Bring a photo, text or other document to Zap and have it transferred to:


  • 11oz or 15oz ceramic mug (white)
  • 11oz colour changing mug (black)
  • 12oz or 17oz latte mug (white)
  • 10oz enamel cup (white)
  • Stainless steel water bottle (white or silver)
  • Insulated water bottle (white or silver)
  • 14oz stainless steel travel mug (white or silver)
  • 17oz tumbler travel mug (white or silver)

Transfers can be in color or black and white.

Laminating & Foamcore Mounting

LaminatingLaminating is a great way to protect a document. We have matte & gloss laminate. Documents encased in laminate are virtually waterproof and do not tear. This service is great for signs, membership cards and posters.

Please note that Zap can only laminate documents up to 38″ wide.

You can also mount your laminated items on foam core, a white or black 3cm (1/4″) thick backing, which is great for posters and other hanging items.


Business Cards

Batic Template copy
Brocade Template
Network Template
Blends Template


Calendar 2 - web smallCalendars are another great gift idea. Bring in 13 images (one for each month and a cover image) and have Zap make you your own custom calendar.

  • Saddle Stitch Calendar
  • Coil Calendar
  • Top Coil Calendar (11×17)


Documents can be saved in the following formats:

  • Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • Gif (.gif)
  • Jpeg (.jpg)
  • Tiff (.tif)

Zap offers the following storage media to store you scanned images:

  • Memory Stick
  • Email – any size
  • FTP -email or call for details
  • CD or DVD